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Going Back To The Basics

The purpose of this book is to help you develop a personal path for self-care. I have shared my experiences and knowledge to help enhance your well-being. You can use this book as a reference to get curious about all that is available to you to make a difference within. The better you feel about yourself, the more you can share with others. Spirituality and nature can lead you to a beautiful state of being. You can tap into any of these resources and begin your journey. If you do the work, you will feel a difference in your thinking, actions, mindset, and physical activity. It is possible to become naturally “High on life.”

In this comprehensive guide, I have given a basic description of each of the following subjects. Chakras, yoga, herbalism, homeopathy, crystals and stones, Ayurveda spirits and guides, and reiki. You will find meditations, mantras, recipes, and actionable steps, along with the tools that can help you get back to the basics. I have shared a personal experience regarding each subject and a seven-day step plan to help introduce yourself to all.

Who am I? I am a mother to three sons and one daughter, a reiki master, cosmetologist, yoga instructor, Ayurveda specialist, author, audiobook producer, research practitioner of both herbalism and homeopathy, and an advocate and believer of all things spiritual and vibrational. That is how I found my Dharma, my purpose. After learning all that I have on the following topics, I am drawn to take everything I have learned and bring it into the world where it matters.Getting to know oneself is an ongoing and ever-changing journey. However, it does not need to take a lifetime to find the beginning of your path. Every step along the way guides us that much further toward our spiritual transformation. It allstarts with getting back to the basics. If we can rid ourselves of all this mind junk we have been collecting; then we can begin to remember who we are, why we are here, and what we want out of this life. Let this jump-start guide help you tofind your path to becoming who you are and help you recognize your passion and wonder so that you can fulfill your higher purpose. Though I have been formally trained in many aspects of what you are about to read, I am not a doctor, so before trying or doing anything outside of your daily routine, please consult one.

Have you ever wondered if this is all there is to life? If we did not have a higher purpose. In that case, we could become prone to serious mental obstacles and blockages that negatively affect our life. Ask yourself: Are you becoming more observant or becoming more judgmental? This may be the mind telling you it is time to begin your journey to find your higher self. Your higher purpose is the mission your soul was sent here to achieve and was determined before you were even born into your physical body. Reaching this state is the ultimate goal of your soul. The purpose is all about applying your skills toward the greater good in a way that matters to you. We can do anything we set our minds to with a clear head. Remember that you hold the secret to the universe.

Making changes can open the possibility of facing your biggest fears. However, when you have a basic understandingof different practices, you can take time to evaluate what works for you, and all those fears may fade away. You do not need to master all of the trades, for there are significant benefits to being the Jack of many, as I like to consider myself. By increasing your knowledge, you will realize how incredible your journey can be. Do not be afraid to try different methods for personal and creative growth because not everything works equally for everyone. We will learn to take actionable steps and incorporate the following practices into your daily routine. Make space for these creative projects, as they have the potential to improve your life significantly. This is a guide to betterment. Feel free to skip ahead and or back as much as you like.

This book will significantly impact the way you choose to live your life by clarifying choices that you have made therefore helping you on your path to finding your higher self. I have stood at the beginning of my path feeling lost, wondering how I would find the time to learn and explore. Instead of wasting time, I decided my soul was ready and could wait no longer. I took the courses, earned the licenses, certificates, attunements, etc., and now I am sharing my knowledge with you to decide what you want to pursue. This crash course is unlike many others in that you will experience exposure to the many techniques and practices I use daily. I am here to guide you to live your life purposefully and learn the basics of various topics. Many are ancient secrets to the eternal oneness that connects the mind, body, and spirit. This program is designed to increase your overall well-being and choose what resonates with you. Allow yourself to relax and be open to loving, living, learning, and growing into your spirit within. I encourage you to approach this book at your own pace, practice each action step several times and see what happens. Please think of this book as your tour and me as your guide. You will soon be not just a tourist but a traveler. So come on, let us reconnect with our inner awareness and let the exploration begin. Your path to discovery begins now! You only go around once…. Make it a satisfying experience.

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