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About Joanne

I am Joanne Rohrs Patterson, a writer and novelist with a passion for creative writing and sharing my knowledge. I have written several books on various topics, including romance, children's stories, and self-help. I am dedicated to my passions, including Reiki, Yoga, and Ayurveda. I am a mother of four and currently reside in a rural town outside of New York City. Writing about diverse ideas is my way of giving back to society and my unique life experiences set my work apart.

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“This is a small town romantic thriller set on a beautiful lake. We get to really know all of the characters and we feel like we are living the story out with them. I recommend this book to everyone that is looking for a good read with surprising twists.”

Amazon Customer, Rose Street

“I'm done! I really can't commend you enough! I loved it! The last few pages were such a nice touch and the book itself has such an amazing feel to it! Looking forward to reading your future novels!”

Linda C, Rose Street

“Joanne Rohrs Patterson you are amazing!!! You do it all!! Great cook, mom, girlfriend and a writer and so on..!!! I can’t wait to get the book!!!”

Rebecca S

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